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Pilosocereus Palmeri

Pilosocereus Palmeri


Disponibili in due grandezze, questi cactus misurano circa 12 cm (M) e 16 cm (L) dalla punta alla base del vaso di terracotta. Il diametro dei vasi è 7 cm (M) e 9 cm (L). 

Adatti a tutti gli ambienti, dal salotto all'ufficio queste Gymnocalycium non necessitano di acqua e non pungono.

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This crochet cactus measures approximately 12 cm (M) and 16 cm (L) tall from the top of the plant to the bottom of it's terracotta pot. The pot is about 7 cm (M) and 9 cm (L) in diameter. Made of yarn this plant will last forever with no watering or sunshine required, and it will never prick you!

Make a great gift for those who do not have a "green thumb" and make wonderful table decorations or party and shower favors.

Due to the unique nature of handmade items, each cactus will vary slightly in shape and appearance, but you cactus will look very, very much like the one pictured above.